Visiting with kids

visiting with children

The wellbeing of the cats is our number one priority. If you would like to visit the catcafe with your children, we ask you as their parents to ensure that the children adhere to our Houserules, treat the cats in a gentle and calm manner and respect the serene atmosphere.

Only 4 kids are allowed in the catcafe at any one time.  


The catcafe is the house of the cats, we are their staff and you are a guest in their home. We've created a comfortable and relaxed environment with many cat-beds, toys, climbing furniture and catwalks everywhere. The cats can do whatever they want. Also they have a private-room where they can go to when they want some rest.

serene atmosphere 

The catcafe is the ultimate place to relax for the cats and their visiting guests. We make sure that the catcafe is a nice home with a relaxing and serene atmosphere.

Young children can express their enthusiasm -or dissatisfaction- in a sometimes rather loud amount of volume. This can be very frightful for the cats and this might cause them leaving the café to go to their private-room. This is very sad for the cats, but also dissappointing for the other guests. 

suitable age

Kids from age of 8-12:
Are welcome, as long as the parents make sure that the kids treat the cats in a calm and gentle manner.

Kids from age of 4-8:
The catcafe is not very suitable for young children. Therefore children under the age of 8 or not allowed to walk through the café alone, but should be strictly supervised by their parent.

Kids from age of 0-4:
The catcafe is not suitable for toddlers and babies, unless they are monitored very well so they will gently approach the cats.