meet the cats

Cats from the shelter

Ten sheltercats have been adopted and found their forever home in the catcafe. The group of cats is chosen by the shelter and they decided which cats would best fit in the catcafe so that they would form a harminious group.
We've created a comfortable and relaxed environment for them with many cat-beds, toys, climbing furniture and catwalks everywhere, so they can do whatever they want. Also they have a private-room where they can go to whenever they want.

Wellbeing of the cats

The wellbeing of our cats is our number one priority. The catcafe is the house of the king-and-queen cats, we are their staff and you are a guest in their home. We make sure that the catcafe is a nice home with a relaxing and serene atmosphere, so that not only the cats can relax and chill, but also you. To ensure this, we have some clear HOUSERULES


Young children can express their enthusiasm -or dissatisfaction- in a sometimes rather loud amount of volume. This can be very frightful for the cats and they intend to sometimes leave the catcafe to their private-room. This is very sad for the cats, but also dissappointing for the other guests. Would you like to visit the catcafe with your kids? Please read the following

Mr. Bojangles (in memoriam)

* IN MEMORIAM 18-8-2016 *

Mr. Bojangles was about 15 years old, extremely fluffy and had a sweet grumpy face.
He was brought to the shelter when his owner could no longer take care of him.
Bojangles was extremely lazy and loved to chill in the middle of the floor, or wide spread on a couch or cushion. Bojangles loved to be watched and just enjoy all the attention.


Joosje arrived in the shelter after her owner had to move and could not bring Joosje with her. Joosje has always been a wallflower but in the café she evolved to being a kind of mother-cat and she's overseeing the guests and her catfriends from a distance. Whenever something happens she takes a close-up look. When a catfriend is misbehaving she gives them a look, and suddenly all cats are behaving again.
Joos got 1 floppy ear after she had an ear-surgery, which makes her even cuter. 

Favorite spots: the blue armchair or on your laptop

Thomas O'Malley

O’malley is 4 years old and named after Thomas O’malley, the alleycat (the Aristocats). O’Malley was a stray cat but found his new home with us.
O'Malley has beautiful round eyes and face from his mum/dad which was a British Shorthair. He unfortunately also got some ‘bad genes’: a heart disease (HCM) which is commonly seen with British shorthair. Luckily for him we can provide all the care he needs.
O'Malley is really playfull and likes to tease the other cats a bit. He plays alot with his best friend Benny. Together they run through the whole café but they also love to sleep together. 

Favourite spots: the catwalk and the window-bar


This little thunderbolt has unlimited energy and wants to play all day long. Benny is deaf and can't go outside, because he won’t hear the traffic. Fortunately he has found his way in the catcafe, where he gets all the attention he needs.
When Benny wants to play but the other cats are asleep, he will just go sit on his sleeping friend to wake him up. When it’s time to eat, Benny is the only cat not responding, because he doesn’t hear the sound of the cat food in the bowls. He meows like a dolpin, because he can't hear himself.

Favorite spot: EVERYHWHERE


Linny and her friend arrived in the shelter because their owner was diagnosed with Alzheimer and could no longer take care of them. Her friend quickly found a new home but no one was interested in Linny because she was very shy towards people while being in the shelter. At the café she evolved to being the most relaxed cat of the entire café. 
Linny really likes Mr. Bojangles, but she doesn't know how to express herself. But whenever O'Malley or Benny is teasing Bojangles, Linny will come and save him!

Favorite spots: on the bair or the green barstool,


Mies arrived in the shelter after she wanderred the streets for months. She was completely underfed and worn. When she recovered, she became a very cheerful cat.
Mies loves to cuddle but mostly plays hard-to-get. She's a real Diva when it comes to her favourite chair. Sometimes she finds Benny lying in it she gets real annoyed. When we put her in another favourite spot of her, she's all satisfied again. 
Mies looks alot like Linny but Linny's got white cheeks and Mies has got black cheeks, and a tiny little white dot at the end of her tail.

Favorite spot: the cat-palace and the chair with the sheep-blanket


Dotty originally is a farm cat and arrived in the shelter after she lived in an apartment with her brother. During the day they were on their own in the appartment, which they completely wrecked with their inexhaustible playfulness. That was a reason for the owners to bring them to the shelter. In the café she felt at home immediately. She loves to run circles at the catwalk, but then falls asleep in the cute hammocks.
Dotje is mostly black with a cute little brown snoot and two cute red legs.

Favorite spots: the catwalk and its hammocks


Timon is 6 months old, the eldest of the 4 kittens. He was found on the streets when he was only 5 months old. He loves to cuddle and play hide and seek under the carpet.

Bojangles Junior

Bojangles Junior (Bowie) is partly Maine Coon and named after his great example Mr. Bojangles. He is the same age as Moby and Puck, but is larger than  a 'regular' cat and weighs over 4 kgs. 


Moby was born at the shelter and his mom was extremely scared of people. Luckily Moby is not, but he loves to cuddle his friends more than he does people. He loves to fool around and play tho.


Puck was found on the street when he was only 9 weeks old. He ie extremely cuddly and loves to fall asleep on peoples laps, arms and even shoulders.