meet the cats

Cats from the shelter

Ten sheltercats have been adopted and found their forever home in the catcafe. The group of cats is chosen by the shelter and they decided which cats would best fit in the catcafe so that they would form a harminious group.
We've created a comfortable and relaxed environment for them with many cat-beds, toys, climbing furniture and catwalks everywhere, so they can do whatever they want. Also they have a private-room where they can go to whenever they want.

Wellbeing of the cats

The wellbeing of our cats is our number one priority. The catcafe is the house of the king-and-queen cats, we are their staff and you are a guest in their home. We make sure that the catcafe is a nice home with a relaxing and serene atmosphere, so that not only the cats can relax and chill, but also you. To ensure this, we have some clear HOUSERULES


Young children can express their enthusiasm -or dissatisfaction- in a sometimes rather loud amount of volume. This can be very frightful for the cats and they intend to sometimes leave the catcafe to their private-room. This is very sad for the cats, but also dissappointing for the other guests. Would you like to visit the catcafe with your kids? Please read the following

Bojangles Junior

Bowie (5 years old) is called after his
great-uncle Mr. Bojangles, one of the first catcafe-inhabitants when it opened. Unfortunately Mr. Bojangles passed away, but with the arrival of Bowie, his legcay will always remain.
Bowie is a big cat and weighs over 7kg. Whenever Bowie is in need of some attention -or when he’s hungry-, he gives headbuts against our legs untill we accompany him to his food bowl and fill it up a little more.
He's a very kind cat that loves to be cuddles and when he likes you back, he'll give you soft kisses on your hand or cheek.

Thomas O'Malley

O’malley is 9 years old and named after Thomas O’malley, the alleycat (the Aristocats). O’Malley was a stray cat but found his new home with us.
O'Malley has beautiful round eyes and face from his mum/dad which was a British Shorthair. He unfortunately also got some ‘bad genes’: a heart disease (HCM) which is commonly seen with British shorthair. Luckily for him we can provide all the care he needs.
O'Malley LOVES to play with the bouncing balls, especially the orange ones. He plays fetch too! Throw it on the catwalk, he’ll bring it back!

(deaf) Benny

This little thunderbolt (6 years old) has unlimited energy and wants to play all day long. Benny is deaf and can't go outside, because he won’t hear the traffic.
When Benny wants to play but the other cats are asleep, he will just go sit on his sleeping friend to wake him up. When it’s time to eat, Benny is the only cat not responding, because he doesn’t hear the sound of the cat food in the bowls. He meows like a dolpin, because he can't hear himself.
Benny misses a leg.
After a fall, his leg got amputated. It doesn’t hold him back though, he still runs and jumps around like it’s nothing.


Lientje (11 years old) arrived in the shelter because their owner was diagnosed with Alzheimer and could no longer take care of them. Her friend quickly found a new home but no one was interested in Lientje. At the café she evolved to being the most relaxed cat of the entire café. She loves to be petted and curls up in her bed to let you pet her on every inch of her chubby body. Also she is very lazy, she only leaves her bed for food or litter box.
Lientje can be a little silly. She can just sit in the cat tunnel and by that blocking the tunnel for the other cats, so they can't go to litter boxes.


Puck (5 years old) was found on the streets when he was only a couple of weeks old. He was placed with a foster mother where he met Moby. If Puck wanted to cuddle he climbed your trousers into your arms. He is extremely affectionate and loves to fall asleep on peoples laps, arms and even shoulders.
When he first arrived in the cafe he was still a bit underfed. He frequently jumped on top of toasties because they smelled so nice and he was hungry.
Puck loves to sleep with the other cats, he loves all of them and just likes sleeping together more than sleeping alone.


Moby’s mom was found on the streets while she was pregnant. She was extremely scared of people. A few weeks after Moby was born, he was put with another mom who already had 10 babykittens from different mothercats. That is where he got to know Puck. Now they are best friends and play together all the time.
Moby (5 years old) doesn't like to be petted so much (especially not on his head), but he does like to play with paper clots and straws. Moby is very close to his baby brothers, and we frequently find them sleeping together while purring really loud.


Lily is Rose's sister. She is completely white, except for a tiny orange mohawk.


Rose is Lily's sister. She's entirely white.


Moos is brother of 2 sisters.

You can recognize him by his white nose, that goes entierly up untill his ears. His 4 paws are mainly white.


Mocca is sister of Moos and Momo.

Mocca is the blackest of them 3. Her legs are mostly black, only her toes are white.


Momo is a little thunderstorm.

She looks just like her brother, but you can tell her by her white nose that goes only up until her eyes.