To garantuee a healthy and serene atmosphere for our cats, we ask all guests to follow our houserules and interact in a gentle, loving and respectfull manner with our cats.

Visiting with kids? 

Make sure you have read the following: 

Good to know

There's a sluice to ensure a catproof entrance. Only 4 people a time can enter the cafe. Make sure you only open 1 door at the same time during your entrance. In this sluice you are asked to disinfect your hands before entrance, for the wellbeing of our cats. 

more about cats and their behaviour

  • Cat sleeps 14 to 18 hours a day. It may be that some cats are snoozing during your visit and are not particular in for a game or hug session.
  • Each cat is completely different and has its own personality. In the catcafe you will find a little booklet on the table, containing all information about the history of the cats, their (crazy) preferences, and how to approach them best.
  • Cats have astrong own will and are not playful on command. Do not force that cat to interact with you, but first look in what mood she is (sleepy, lazy, adventurous, playfull). Is the cat into a game? Then stimulate the cat's hunting instinct by simulating a mouse behind a corner / under a rug.
  • Cats are very graceful and royal animals, and they love a calm and mindful approach. Before touching a cat, gently introduce yourself by letting the cat sniff your hand. That's how they know you are going to pet them. Do not forget to keep your attention by the cat during the cuddling. A cat will feel this immediately, so don't be surprised if he suddenly leaves you because of that.